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Exchanging your notebook LCD screen in Japan

This is the second time I break the screen of a notebook.

First time was with this this Asus Eee PC 1000HE I had for a 1 year and a half. The little boy was on beside my bed and so it had an encounter with my foot, long enough just to crack the LCD screen. The second time was a few weeks ago. I was doing some work on the bed before sleeping but I actually fell asleep. The notebook just fell. Here I am again with a broken LCD screen.

The first time I really had no idea of where to buy a new screen, so I just went around the web looking for some japanese site that seemed reliable enough and that was selling notebook LCD screens. The search took a few days but I ended finding 液晶プロ(Ekishou Pro - “LCD Pro”).

They specialize on replacement LCD screens for notebooks and have a pretty nice line up, covering most brands like Asus, Dell and even Apple.

The looks of the website don’t really help but my first buying went really smooth. The screen for my notebook was listed as in “contact us” so I sent them an email which was quickly replied by their staff with a link to the an available screen, compatible with my model. Payment can be done through credit card or bank transfer. 

The LCD arrived in a few days and worked all pretty well.

So, this time when I got yet another screen broken it was a no brainer. Just went to Ekishou Pro and looked up my model (Dell Inspiron 1122 - or M102z) and quickly found it around the Dell, 11.6 inches category.

Can’t wait for it to arrive soon and get my machine back!

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plist2ota - Generate OTA Manifests from plists

A friend of mine was in need of a script to automatically generate the OTA Manifests needed to distribute iOS apps internally through the iOS Developer Enterprise License

So I wrote a little Ruby script that uses the plist gem for creating a Ruby Array from the plists information. One limitation I found in the plist gem is that it can’t parse binary plists. Right now I’m working on implementing that in Ruby and see if I can get it added to the gem but, for now, I just added to the package this perl script I found, indicated by this page.

If your plist is a binary one, just convert the plist to XML using the plutil.pl script and then using plist2ota.rb to generate your OTA Manifest. 

The link is here: https://github.com/dallarosa/plist2ota

Requests, issues and sugestions, please use Github’s issues page :)

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Steve Jobs

Even though I never had the honor of meeting Steve Jobs in person, I’d like to think I’m blessed for having the opportunity of living in the time as a visionary as him.

His influence was (and still is) not  restricted to those around him, his vision and his achievements inspire, instigate and push forward an unthinkable number of people who are also fighting for their dream, hoping they can get at least close to the legend he is. 

The inexorable strong hand of Steve Jobs led an almost bankrupt Apple to be the most valuable company in the world with a succession of hits that started with the first iPod and then the iPhone and most recently the iPad. Riding the success of its mobile line, the iMac and the Macbook line (lead by the Macbook Air) are also seeing their biggest success ever, holding a market share of 23% and a year-to-year growth of 23% percent compared to a 4% growth of the PC market.

Many have said that once Steve Jobs wasn’t in the company would lose its grace and the we have to wait and see but my humble opinion is that Steve Jobs as the visionary he was didn’t only lead but also cared to prepare his team for his absence. Yesterday’s event where Tim Cook and others introduced Apple’s new products showed that even though nobody will never replace him and his powerful presence, he left more than well prepared people that will lead the company he loved and will support his dream.

Thank you Steve Jobs, for being who you were and for giving us dream. 

Steve Jobs

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Even though it’s only been a couple months I gotta get a new laptop. I definitely need one of those new ultrabook things Intel is betting on or a Macbook Air. The one I have right now is nice and fast and the most important: it’s battery last centuries but I can’t deal with it’s size anymore. After getting used to my last 1.05Kg Acer I can’t deal with 1.5Kg Dell anymore. I’m very fond of running linux on my portable machines so I’d like it to be a pc but if I can’t find anything satisfying I might just go for a MbA. I’m taking suggestions.

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